Experience Skagway w/ Alaska's original city historical tour for an informative fun-filled two hours to All Points of Interest.

How It All Began
Skagway character Martin Itjen came looking for Klondike gold in 1898 and became the local undertaker, Ford dealer, coal deliveryman, and the town’s most celebrated storyteller. In 1923, he gave Alaska’s first motorized sightseeing tour for U.S. President Warren G. Harding in his brightly painted coal truck, jokingly calling it his “Street Car.” Martin continued touring for decades, delighting summer visitors with his homespun style of humor.

Today, Martin’s tour lives on in Skagway with the help of a talented crew of costumed “Street Car conductors,” who pass on a century of history, behind-the-scenes tales, and stories of life in small-town Alaska — just like Martin did. Let us share Skagway’s rich and colorful heritage with you. All aboard the Street Car!

Martin Itjen with guest Street Car, 1923 Street Car, Today